HPE 3PAR 7400 Virtual Copy

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Produsent HP
Artnr BC781AAE
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    • Snapshots available instantly, in read-only and/or read-write form
    • Support for consistency groups assures data integrity across volumes
    • Reservationless snapshots. Fine-grained capacity consumed only for changed data
    • Thin copy-on-writes - changed data is never duplicated within a snapshot tree
    • Snapshots of snapshots for fast, flexible sharing of data sets without the need for additional base volumes
    • Revert to any snapshot with a single command, at any time
    • Thin copy-on-write technology and massive parallelism mean little to no performance impact
    • Freely delete snapshots without affecting peer snapshots
    Built on thin copy technology, HP 3PAR Virtual Copy is a reservationless, non-duplicative, copy-on-write software product that allows you to protect and share data from any application. Snapshots are available on demand, instantly, in read-only and/or read-write form. With Virtual Copy, snapshots are reservationless because capacity is never reserved up-front and non-duplicative since changed data is never duplicated within the snapshot tree. Coupled with consistency groups and support for hundreds of snapshots per base volume, Virtual Copy efficiency delivers rapid application recovery from multiple points in time. With a single command, you can revert a base volume to any selected snapshot without impacting other snapshots in the tree. And when you delete a snapshot, this never affects peer snapshots.

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