SonicWALL Content Filtering Service Premium Business Edition for NSA 220 Series

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Produsent Dell SonicWALL
Artnr 01-SSC-4618
  • kr 3 307 Eks mva
  • Informasjon
    • Granular content filtering
    • Dynamically updated rating architecture
    • Application traffic analytics
    • Easy-to-use Web-based management
    • High-performance Web caching and rating architecture
    • IP based HTTPS content filtering
    • Scalable, cost-effective solution
    SonicWall Content Filtering Services Premium (CFS Premium) enforces protection and productivity policies for businesses, schools, and libraries to reduce legal and privacy risks while minimizing administration overhead. CFS Premium provides network administrators with greater control by automatically and transparently enforcing acceptable use policies.

    SonicWall CFS Premium gives administrators the flexibility to enforce content filtering on zones as well as custom content filtering policies for groups of users on the network. For example, a school can create one policy for teachers and another for students.

    SonicWall CFS Premium utilizes a dynamic database of millions of URLs, IP addresses, and domains to block 56 categories of objectionable, inappropriate or unproductive Web content. At the core of CFS Premium is an innovative rating architecture that cross references all Web sites against the database at worldwide SonicWall co-location facilities. A rating is returned to the SonicWall security appliance and then compared to the content filtering policy established by the administrator. Almost instantaneously, the Web site request is either allowed through or a Web page is generated by the SonicWall security appliance informing the user that the site has been blocked according to policy.

    With SonicWall CFS Premium, network administrators have a flexible tool to provide comprehensive filtering based on keywords, time of day, trusted and forbidden domain designations, and file types such as Cookies, Java and ActiveX. CFS Premium automatically updates the filters, making maintenance substantially simpler and less time consuming.

    SonicWall CFS Premium can also be customized to add or remove specific URLs from the blocked list and to block specific keywords. When a user attempts to access a site that is blocked by the SonicWall security appliance, a customized message is displayed on the user's screen. SonicWall security appliances can also be configured to log attempts to access sites on the SonicWall Content Filtering Service database, on a custom URL list, and on a keyword list to monitor Internet usage before putting new usage restrictions in place.

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