C2G Velocity - Digital audiokabel (koaksial)

RCA (hann) til RCA (hann) - 10 m - tredobbeltskjermet koaksial
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Produsent C2G
Artnr 80268
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  • Informasjon
    • 75-ohm oxygen-free copper center conductor
    • 24k gold plated connectors
    • Robustly designed molded connectors
    • Fully molded connectors provide excellent strain relief
    • 100% aluminum foil and dual OFC braid shields protect against unwanted noise and interference
    • Ultra-flexible PVC jacket for easy installation
    Velocity digital audio coax cables from C2G are perfect for carrying the digital audio stream from a CD transport, DVD player, DAT deck or other digital component to an A/V receiver digital input or the input of an outboard D/A converter. These cables are also a great upgrade for the cables typically included with consumer electronics products.

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