SonicWALL Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service

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Produsent Dell SonicWALL
Artnr 01-SSC-4472
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  • Informasjon
    • Advanced Reputation Management (ARM)
    • Cloud-based Advanced Content Management (ACM)
    • Flexible junk email routing
    • GRID anti-virus
    • Integrated allow and block lists
    • Integrated reporting and logging
    • Flexible LDAP integration
    • Supports downstream email security systems
    With 94% of email classified as junk (spam, phishing and virus-laden messages), allowing such distracting and dangerous traffic into your network can grind your business communications and organizational productivity to a halt. Removing this junk email at the gateway optimizes network efficiency, and enhances email and employee productivity. SonicWall Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service (CASS) offers small- to medium-sized businesses comprehensive protection from spam and viruses, with instant deployment over existing SonicWall firewalls. CASS speeds deployment, eases administration and reduces overhead by consolidating solutions, providing one-click anti-spam services, with advanced configuration in just ten minutes. Outperforming RBL filtering, CASS offers more than 98% effectiveness against spam, dropping more than 80% of spam at the gateway, while utilizing advanced anti-spam techniques like Adversarial Bayesian filtering on remaining email.

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