Lenovo Flex System IB6131 InfiniBand Switch

Switch - Styrt - 14 x QDR InfiniBand + 18 x QSFP + 1 x 10/100/1000 + 1 x 10/100 - plugg-in-modul
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Produsent Lenovo
Artnr 90Y3450
  • kr 100 726 Eks mva
  • Informasjon
    • Ultra high performance with full bisectional bandwidth at both Fourteen Data Rate (FDR) and Quad Data Rate (QDR) speeds
    • Suited for clients running InfiniBand infrastructure in High Performance Computing and Financial Services
    • When operating at FDR speed, less than 170 nanoseconds measured latency node to node - nearly half of the typical QDR InfiniBand latency
    • Low power consumption
    • Capability to scale to larger node counts to create a low latency clustered solution and reduce packet hops
    The Flex System IB6131 InfiniBand Switch is designed to offer the performance you need to support clustered databases, parallel processing, transactional services, and high-performance embedded I/O applications, helping to reduce task completion time and lower the cost per operation.

    This switch is designed for low latency, high bandwidth, and computing efficiency for performance-driven server and storage clustering applications. The switch supports full bisectional bandwidth, and, when combined with the InfiniBand 56 Gbps FDR adapter, your organization can achieve efficient high-performance computing by providing maximum bandwidth and off-loading from the CPU protocol processing and data movement overhead, such as Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) and Send/Receive semantics, allowing more processor power for the application.

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