SonicWall Web Application Firewall Service 800

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Produsent Dell SonicWALL
Artnr 01-SSC-4597
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    • Shrink attack surface with full management and control of web application traffic
    • Apply additional security layers to existing web applications without redevelopment
    • Interrogate the behavior and logic of web communication beyond protocol activities
    • Detect and alert on anomalies in web application behavior
    • Make informed security policy decision with visualization, analytics and reporting
    • Protect against known and zero-day vulnerabilities with virtual patching and custom rules
    • Defend against latest vulnerabilities and threats outlined by OWASP, including SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS)
    • Stop attackers from spreading malware and initiating C&C shell session
    • Strong session management and authentication requirements such OTP, 2FA and SSO
    • Preserve web servers integrity and performance against application DoS/DDoS attacks
    • Prevents data theft via data masking and page-blocking techniques
    • Bar attackers from gaining access to users' accounts and all accounts on web servers with extensive access security controls
    • Forbid invalidated redirects that send users to unsafe webpages and unauthorized page forward to restricted pages
    • Restrict access to internal resources based on host, subnet, protocol, URL path, and port
    • Enable caching, compression and other HTTP/TCP optimizations to accelerate application delivery
    • Reduce workload and boost performance by offloading SSL transactions
    • Perform Layer-7 load balancing to distribute the load across clustered web servers
    • Monitor health of the web servers and failover traffic to ensure high availability
    SonicWall WAF Series features advanced web security tools and services to keep compliance data unexposed and web properties safe, undisrupted and in peak performance. It applies Layer-7 application delivery capabilities that enable application-aware load balancing, SSL offloading and acceleration for resilience and an enhanced digital engagement and experience.

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